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  • Influenza

    Any traveler wanted to reduce their risk for influenza infection should consider influenza vaccination. Influenza is endemic in the tropics year round and therefore should be given to patients traveling to tropical areas at any time of the year. It also circulates in the southern hemisphere during our summer months so should be given to travelers at that time as well.

  • Hepatitis A

    Recommended for travel to most underdeveloped countries. Given to children now as part of routine vaccination schedule. High levels of protection are achieved within 2 weeks of single injection

  • Typhoid

    Recommended for travelers to areas where this is risk of exposure to Salmonella typhi. Risk is highest for travelers to developing countries who will have prolonged exposure to potentially contaminated food and drink. Can be given to travelers > 2 years.  There are two preparations available Рoral typhoid that needs to be boosted every 5 years for those remaining at risk, and intramuscular typhoid that must be boosted every 2 years.

  • Yellow Fever

    Required for entry into some countries and recommended for others. It needs to be administered at least 10 days prior to travel and travelers must display the WHO International Certificate of Vaccination in order to enter. Can be given to travelers > 9 months.

  • Inactivated Polio vaccine

    Booster recommended for all adult travelers to undeveloped countries (presumed completion of primary series).

  • Meningococcus¬†Required for entry to Saudi Arabia during Hajj. Recommended for travelers to meningitis belt in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Tdap

    Booster of tetanus/diphtheria is recommended every 10 years. Single dose of Td with pertussis (Tdap) is recommended to replaced 1 Td booster dose. Recommended to receive prior to travel if unsure when last booster was given.