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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to visit a travel clinic as opposed to my primary care provider prior to traveling?

Travel medicine professionals are able to administer and recommend vaccines and medications recommended prior to travel that are likely not available in your regular doctor’s office. They can provide general safety trips, security information, and information about travel health products. Travel medicine professionals can give each traveler a destination specific consultation covering everything they should be aware of prior to traveling.

I know other travelers who did not receive any vaccinations and did not get sick. Are vaccinations really necessary?

Yes – vaccination is extremely important to protect yourself and your loved one from potentially serious illness. Medical care in other parts of the world is not always readily available or consistent with what is available in the United States, making prevention of illness that much more important.

What vaccinations do I need before traveling?

The specific vaccinations you need depends on your destination, you current immunization status, and your medical history. Vaccinations may differ depending on whether you are staying in major cities or visiting rural areas. That is why it is important to have a pre-travel assessment and receive customized advice based on your itinerary.

What if I do not know my vaccination history?

You can still be advised on what vaccinations are recommended for your destination, and travel specific vaccines can be given. You can likely obtain your vaccine record from your primary care provider or school health center.

How early do I have to schedule my appointment in order to obtain the appropriate vaccinations?

Do your best to visit a travel clinic 2 months prior to your trip. Some vaccines require multiple injections spread over a period of time. This allows your body time to develop immunity prior to travel. Even if you cannot make your appointment that early, it is still important to visit a travel clinic. Some vaccines, even if given at the last minute, will provide protection against illness.

How much should I expect my appointment to cost?

The cost of your visit will depend directly upon the vaccinations you choose to receive and the length of your particular visit. For more information on pricing, please call Safe Travels at 240-238-1460. Safe Travels does not accept any medical insurance plans, but you will be provided with a receipt so that you can submit a claim to your insurance company. If immunizations for foreign travel are covered under your plan, you many receive reimbursement for some of the cost of your visit.