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Your own Traveling Pharmacy

Preparing a well stocked travel kit is an important part of getting ready for your overseas trip.  One quick trip to the pharmacy can save you boatloads of trouble on your travels while hopefully preventing you from needing to seek out local medical advice, medications, and supplies.

The first thing to remember to pack is whatever prescription medications you take on a regular basis plus those you use as needed.  Make sure to take extra in case some are lost or you stay longer than initially expected.  If possible, bring them in their original bottles and know the generic names for all of them.  If you have a severe allergy that may require use of an EpiPen, be sure to pack that as well.  It is also a good idea to check the State Department website for the country you are visiting to ensure you will be allowed to bring your medications in – there are countries with restrictions.

Over the counter medications should take up a good portion of your kit.  You will want to bring acetaminophen, ibuprofen, diphenhydramine (also in children’s preparations if you are traveling with kids), antidiarrheal medications, cough/cold medications, mild laxatives, and some kind of antacid.  You also don’t want to forget your creams – anti-itch, antibiotic, antifungal.

First aid supplies are the next major category to think about.  Bringing along the basics can keep those minor injuries under wrap.  It’s recommended to bring band-aids, gauze, ace bandages, moleskin, aloe for sunburns, and a digital thermometer.  Depending on your destination, it may also be prudent to bring oral rehydration solution packets (or Pedialyte powder packs if traveling with children).

Lastly, don’t forget important items like sunscreen, insect repellent , and hand sanitizer.

At this point, your travel kit is probably pretty heavy, a good sign that you have everything you need to keep yourself safe and healthy on your trip.  Safe travels!


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